diet hacks to lose weight

Little known diet hacks to lose 1 pound, steady, every single week

Keeping a lean body and keeping fit in general is undeniably the best way to look young and attractive. But even more importantly, the health benefits of being lean will ensure that you live a long life full of energy. Indeed, most popular life threatening diseases, such as numerous cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, infertility, hormonal imbalance, cancer … [Read More...]


Make the money flow in your life

I can see and hear a lot of people around me who are jealous or complain too much about how it is so unfair that I am able to handle money the way they never could. Yet, having the money flowing in your direction has nothing to do with luck but it has all to … [Read More...]


Use a warrior mindset to win at life.

In my early 20s, I was addicted to paintball; I played almost every weekend for 8 years. I have played recreational guerrilla warfare style of paintball in the forest, and I also competed in competitive speedball style on the tournament field. Paintball is … [Read More...]


Project the right image for more power

When it comes to power, leadership or just being promoted, your personality, attitude and what you sub-communicate to others matter a lot. In fact, it matters so much that even if you’re the best or the smartest worker in your organisation and you fail to have … [Read More...]


How to create your own stocks portfolio

The stock market can be a little nerve-racking at first for new investors, but with a good portfolio you are likely to have great long-term results and more than that without paying a broker a single dime. This is not rocket science, but there are a few things … [Read More...]

discover the truth

Use your mindfulness to discover the truth

What I love about fishing is the quiet nature of the activity itself. I can really relax, slow down my mind and listen to all my senses. I also love it because it gives me a chance to observe the subtlety in the river stream, feel the direction and strength of … [Read More...]


How to tame your girl friend

You have probably heard that when you meet someone new, the first impression is very important because it will greatly affect what perception this person will develop about you. Well, if we go a little bit deeper down that rabbit hole, you will discover that … [Read More...]


Tame boredom and master any skills

A long time ago, to be recognized as a man of value by fellow tribe members, a man had to master an important skill: The survival of tribe depended on the building of shelters, and diver’s tools to hunt or kill the enemies. Even if a men was shorter, weaker … [Read More...]


Thou shalt break those 10 rules

Social rules, not laws, but rules are ways of behavior implemented by the elite to better assert their control over the populace. They simply want to minimize competition and keep their business economy stable. They don’t want a bunch of dudes like you sprout … [Read More...]

lead from the front

Leadership from the front-line for more power

When you are authentic and you do original work or create something new, you tend to get to a point when your creation evolves, gets bigger only to find yourself in a leadership position. This is simply because you are the authority on that new thing that is … [Read More...]


Choose a better beliefs-vehicle to succeed in life

Reading some articles on this website, you might find that some topics seem to go against one another. I do my best to keep a high level of consistency between all subjects, but the reality is that different situations need different beliefs. Depending on … [Read More...]


Why to invest in gold and how?

There are many types of financial vehicles for your money out there, and everyone has a different opinion about which one is good and which one is bad. Let's face it: it can make things a little confusing. Each one of those vehicles have specific … [Read More...]